4th Pillar Of Democracy: Dead or Alive?

Media is said to be the 4th pillar of democracy. They call it so as media has the duty to question the government and stopping them for wrong. They are supposed to put forward the questions of people. But in our nation right now, media looks more interested in politics and Bollywood rather than problems of the nation. An actor died and our media gave their everything on that case. They conveniently forgot all other problems of the nation. I’m not saying they should not talk about it but there are many issues right now than this case.
A few days back, a girl in UP was raped and killed but no news channel dared to show it. People got to know about it through via social media after 14 days of the incident. They are showing from morning to an evening where did an actor went, what did he/she wear, what they had in dinner, where is that politician, who’s gonna form the alliance. Media has all of this stuff for all-day. But they totally forgot what they are supposed to do. They talk about everything but issues of the nation. In the last week, farmers were on strike against the new agriculture laws. They even called for ‘Bharat Bandh’ but the media hide it properly. Two days later, workers went on strike against new labour laws. But we could hardly get to know about it. Media channels just showed one or two small bites of this news and continued on their masala stuff.
A few years ago, a video of a grandmother went viral saying “Bik Gayi Hai Government”. But now it feels like ” Bik Gayi Hai Media”.Media is focusing on and pointing out issues related to the states ruled by the government other than the centrally ruling party. If something happens in the states where the central party rule, media don’t even utter a word against it. Even when all the farmer and labour communities were protesting against the new laws, the media didn’t cover it. The protesters were arrested, beaten up but media didn’t even blink an eye. You will always find media channels indirectly on the side of the ruling party.
We watch news channels, watch whatever they show us. This makes them feel like they are going on the right path. We need to make them realize what they are supposed to do. We need to boycott such channels. We have to do it to make them realise their duties. We need to raise the pillar of democracy again before we lose democracy!…

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